About the Founder

Louise Solomon, the founder of the Solomon Yogalates Method, has over 30 years experience living with Yoga. Louise attained her qualifications as a Pilates Teacher in 1992, and a Yoga Teacher in 1994. Soon after she became a pioneer in the fitness and well being industry worldwide, with a deep concern for the growing number of injuries occurring in Yoga classes and an instinct for knowing how to move the body safely, the fusion of the two modalities organically emerged.


It all began in the Suffolk Park Community Hall in Byron Bay region where she drew a now life-long following of students. Eventually in 2000, after ongoing persuasion, began to train committed students in the YogalatesTM Method. The course has since been used as an example of best practice in the industry. Now runs as a ‘Gold Standard Level 1 & 2 Correspondence Course’ from the Yogalates Headquarters in Bangalow (purpose built studio in 2005), Byron Bay Region NSW.  Renowned for its high standard of safety, it also makes Yoga and Pilates accessible for a wide population. The method draws upon the fundamental foundation of Exercise Physiology (prescriptive exercises in functional patterns of movement and postural evaluation), Physiotherapy exercises and Yoga Therapy. Louise has since lectured on Core Stability at the Southern Cross University; taught professionally at Yoga, Health & Fitness expos, in hospitals and schools; travelled and trained students in the UK, France, Italy, Japan & Indonesia; lectured to the Australian Yoga Teachers Association on core stability fused into asana and is subsequently referred to as an expert in her field; shared her method at the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference in November 2011 Virginia USA.


In 2003 Louise Solomon wrote her book “Yogalates – Breakthrough Workout” published by Virgin Books. She has also written and continually developed a comprehensive Teacher Training Manual for her course (1st edition 2001 and subsequent editions, 2018), also co-wrote an Anatomy & Functional Movement Manual (first edition 2004 and subsequent editions 2006).  Both were designed to support the Yogalates Diploma training, and are being used for the current 350+hr Yogalates Teacher Training Program.


From 2001-2011 Louise Solomon filmed her award winning Yogalates DVD series for the UK Health and Fitness market. This multi award winning DVD series has been translated into 5 languages and sold worldwide. All DVDs have been on the top 10 on the UK fitness charts, and in 2004 her DVD was number 1 for the whole year and winner of the British Video Awards 2002 for Health and Fitness.


The Yogalates Teachers Association was founded in 2006 to support accredited Yogalates Teachers and offer them further education and training in the method as it develops. Students of the Academy who have completed the course include Health Professionals such as Iyengar Certified Yoga Teachers, Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Elite Athlete Coaches & Trainers (ie Australian Cricket Team Strength & Conditioning Coach), Professional Dancers and Corporate Professionals as well as dedicated students of Yoga and Pilates.


Louise is passionate about her Method and currently oversees the Teacher Training Course and actively trains the Teacher Trainees. After 18years the YogalatesTM Method continues to train students with a combination of correspondence learning and face-to-face practicums in Byron Bay, Sydney, Bali and in Europe. There are over 200 trained teachers worldwide, and Teacher Updates are held bi-yearly in Byron Bay.