Class Facilitators

Each Facilitator has 10+ years experience in teaching & practise.

 All the Yogalates Facilitators have studied and continue to study the ancient scripts: the vedas, the Gita and Sutras, thus embodying the depth, clarity and heart of Yoga in their teaching practises.


Louise Solomon

Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Louise takes you on a journey in her popular masterclasses.

She pioneered the exercise system Yogalates(TM) and has been teaching in Australia and worldwide for nearly 30 years. She prides herself on Teacher Training to the highest standards, develops with the latest evidence, supporting the mind, body, breath connection and endeavours to encourage all to access the mat.

Louise is a teacher an author and teacher trainer/tutor and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of her students for nearly 3 decades.

Louise is Senior Level Member with Yoga Australia & recognised by Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500).

Louise teaches at the Bangalow Studio when she is in town and regularly at Yoga Expos.


Olive McLeod

Olive has been practising yoga since 1994 and completed her Cert IV Yogalates Teacher Training in 2003 and has since been consistently teaching the Yogalates Method. Beyond her Yogalates training, Olive has attended numerous chanting and meditation workshops which she incorporates into her classes. Experience the many benefits of Pranayama and meditation that she weaves through the practice and you may also be blessed by one of her singing Savasana, she uses her exquisite voice to take her students deep into relaxation.  Level 2 Yoga Australia member.

Olive is also a senior facilitator on the Yogalates Teacher Training program, both online and in-person.  Over the last 12 years her participation in every Yogalates Teacher Update training means she embodies the method, sharing her passion and extensive knowledge as a teacher in online lectures for Pranayama, Meditation and Mudras.

Olive teaches at the Bangalow & Suffolk Park studios.


Josephina Grunwaldt

Josephina experiences yoga as a way to connect to spirit and highest self, a tool to live life in health, joy and balance. Being a dedicated student, practitioner and teacher on and off the mat, her commitment is to share these teachings.

Her classes integrate pranayama, asana and meditation. Held within a traditional hatha base and introducing flow, fusing the feminine aspect of movement with stability and stillness. Holding each asana long enough so that the gift each posture offers is revealed. Guiding students through a conscious exploration of body, breath and mind. Creating a nourishing space where students can slow down, move with awareness, and listen to the wisdom of their bodies.


Josephina teaches at the Bangalow & Suffolk Park studios.



Yanyan has great passion for Yin Yoga. She developed strong interest and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians, Chi, Yin/Yang Balance and fascia , thanks to her Chinese upbringing and massage therapist background. Has been practising Yoga for 15 years.


She likes to sequence her Yin class with pranayama, meditation, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridian and fascia release. To help her students have a better understanding of the key elements of Yin Yoga and bring her students in a blissful Yin Yang Balance.

YanYan teaches Yin Yoga at the Bangalow studio.


Elle Astrup


As a Yogalates, Qi Gong and Hatha yoga teacher for over 17 years in France, Norway and

Australia, Elle has developed her own teaching style empowering body, mind & soul awareness.  Elle believes everyone can succeed on the mat, when we allow our body to show us the way.  Elle has an intense focus on core integration and alignment stemming from her desire to use Yogalates and functional movement as a tool to heal and strengthen the body from within; using the breath as the centrepiece. As a mother of 4, now in her 50’s Elle understands the challenges and the sacred cycles we face as women throughout our lives. Elle is a true believer in the power of yogic healing through a safe, varied and fun practise catering to individual needs.


Elle teaches Yogalates at the Bangalow studio.


''Yogalates is an incredible approach to self-care and wellness. I am delighted to have been able to experience the profound health benefits over time from this amazing practice. Being an Osteopath and mother I am very interested in holistic, effective and safe approaches to optimal health, Yogalates is JUST that! I love the clear instructions throughout the practise and that there are always multiple options to suit your body and your ability. It is the most wonderful way to spend 'me-time' in my week and feels like 2 hours of mind, body, spirit decompression (we all need decompression). I love yogalates! I will absolutely be doing the teacher training at some point in the future, so I can help spread the amazing feeling and health that it brings.''


Also I would like to add that Olive is an exceptional teacher. I enjoy so so much my Saturday mornings at her class! She is very talented in her delivery of Yogalates and has a kind and warm nature. I really appreciate her classes very much! THANK YOU OLIVE :)

Dr. Samantha Lo Giudice (Registered Osteopath)