Levels 1 & 2 500hr
Teacher Training Program

The Yogalates comprehensive integrated Curriculum has been used as an example of best practice by the Australian Industry Accreditation Board. Yogalates has developed educational resources to support the Teacher Training program. The Yogalates method was originally a certified Diploma course through VETAB Australia, we however have preferred to be under the umbrella of the Yoga Australia platform.  


All the educational resources and assessments used for the Diploma are used in our integrated program which include:
   • 300 page comprehensive Teacher Training Manual (10th edition)
   • Detailed Instructional videos
   • Yogalates Anatomy Manual (4th edition)
   • Access to the Yogalates 'on demand' website for the duration of the course   

      (includes all DVDs and other workouts for your personal practice)
   • Published Yogalates Book



The Yoga Pilates Training Academy is a registered school with Yoga Australia ID 9108.  You will receive the 350 hr Yogalates certificate, however you must complete an additional 50hr Yoga Physiology & History training to qualify as a member of Yoga Australia and be eligible for Health Fund rebates for your clients.  You also receive a Certified 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certificate School ID  26389, which is Internationally recognised both in Australia and all over the world.


The Yoga Pilates Training Academy issues a 500 hr Level 1 & 2 Yogalates Certificate that is recognised with Insurance companies around Australia & Internationally. We issue this to reflect the amount of study hours between the online assessments and the face-to-face practicum.


A Certified Yogalates Teacher may choose to enter into Private Practice, open a Studio, to work at Health Clubs and Wellness Centres, to teach public classes and Retreats to a variety of populations and all levels of ability. Receive 3 qualifications within the one certificate course Yoga + Pilates + Yogalates


What will you learn in the Yogalates Teacher Training?

You will learn to 'teach' not just instruct poses.  The Yogalates Teacher Training prepares you to educate clients about their bodies, learning the intention of a pose, not just the pose itself.  You will be able to help your clients develop a heightened sense of awareness, and your teaching will be present, confident and safe.


Teaching and Presentation Skills
Being great at doing Yoga or Pilates does not necessarily make you a good teacher. The Yogalates Training provides the platform for the philosophy and ethics of a teacher as well as emphasises the teaching and presentation skills that are involved in engaging and motivating your clients.  Not all clients learn the same way; some need to listen, some need to see and others need to feel.


You will learn to use a variety of teaching methods to suit different learning styles;

  • Effective communication, verbal cues, imagery and metaphors for performance enhancement and client motivation

  • A variety of programming options to keep clients motivated

  • How to apply Yogalates biomechanical principles of movement, core stability IAP, functional breathing and alignment to all exercises

  • Deconstruct the complexity of the asana poses and mat work exercises

  • Modifications to increase or decrease exercise intensity

  • Learn the unique modifications of the Yogalates repertoire

  • Exercise goals, muscular initiation and movement sequencing

  • Modifications for specific body types and postural issues


Become skilled in teaching safe and mixed ability Yoga/Yogalates Classes
Develop skills for sequencing and teaching a safe flowing Yogalates class for a wide variety of clients. Learn an “intention based” approach to poses and exercises that will allow you to creatively modify poses for special needs and beginners or safely extend poses for the experienced clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to make Yoga accessible and affirming for everyone.


The Yogalates Course subjects/modules include:

  • History, Concepts and Principles of the Pilates and Yogalates Method

  • Yogic Philosophy and Physiology (this can be optional but you will not receive the Yoga Australia Certification and the price of the course remains the same)

  • Exercise planning and programming from introductory to intermediate levels on a one to one basis or group class

  • Postural analysis and appraisal e.g Body Types learn about your own body type and how to identify the most common seen in your clients)

  • Client management; learn to induct and assess clients who are apparently healthy or with postural or special needs requirements.

  • Methods of communication in dealing with clients and colleagues

  • Adult learning and instructional techniques for one-on-one and groups

  • Lead and instruct Yoga/Pilates/Yogalates exercises for clients with postural needs or special conditions e.g High Blood pressure, Stress, Depression etc

  • Interactions and referrals with other health care professionals e.g Physiotherapists, Councilors

  • Work Health and Safety and legal requirements within the Health Industry

  • Work Ethics and professional development

  • Learn the Business management requirements to set up and run your own Yogalates practise effectively. Yoga + Pilates + Yogalates = more marketing leverage!

  • Props used in the Yogalates repertoire; the resistance band effectively reproducing exercises from the Pilates Reformer as well as creatively fusing the band work into Asana poses, Yoga block used with in the mat work and asana Yogalates repertoire, Yoga Bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and strap.


Assessment requirements

Part 1-

All assessments for the online home study are sent and emailed to you prior to commencement of study. Please note a general level of computer literacy is required.  Our online teacher training is self-paced with a suggested home study timetable over 10 weeks, averaging 8-10hrs per week.  Online support is available Fridays 9am-1pm Sydney time. Ideally all assessments on the timetable will be completed before the practicum (Part 2).  We understand that at times for reasons out of our control circumstances hinder completion of the workload. It is however crucial that 70% of the required assessments be satisfactorily completed prior to the practicum with the remaining work to be completed afterward.


Part 2 –

The Practicum; 100% attendance and punctual attendance at classes during the practicum is essential for successful completion of the course. Following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up on class notes, with tutor and/or other students. In the event of extended absence due to ill health or personal reasons, students will need to discuss their position with the Director of Yogalates Teacher Training Australia.  Note:  The Byron Bay Practicums in October 2021 and May 2022 runs for 2 weeks, the Online Practicum 25th Feb - 27th March 2022 are recorded lectures made available online to you over a 4 week period.


Further worksheets, quizzes and exams are included during the practicum.

The Yogalates teacher training is a competency based training. This means that assessments are not considered to be a pass or fail but rather are marked as either competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC) with the allowance for resubmission of work until deemed competent.


To receive the Level 1 & 2 qualification you will be required to have successfully and competently completed all assessment tasks for each subject within the qualification.

This certificate will not give you the qualifications to teach others to become teachers in The Solomon Yogalates Method. A trademark document is included in the Code of Practice which outlines the correct use of the Solomon YogalatesTM trademarked name.