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New to Yogalates?

Have you tended to shy away from exercise or have you done minimal Yoga or Pilates?
Then the Yogalates method might be just for you!

Yogalates was originally created for the general public as a safe exercise alternative and has been gaining in popularity since it’s inception in the early nineties.
The classes suit all levels of ability and age, from the complete beginner who has never exercised through to those with years of Yoga and Pilates beneath their belts.

Each pose or exercise is taught using awareness of stability in the joints, progressing from a preparation stage to increasing the load and effort so that everyone has an option to suit their body or for how strongly they want to work. If a particular pose is not suitable to an individual then an alternatives is given.
In each class the participants are encouraged to apply the philosophical aspects of Yoga so that they don’t force their body but rather work with awareness and the breath so that the practice is satisfying and safe.

Through all the Yogalates classes you will stretch strengthen all major muscle groups. Learn to breath functionally and at ease. Support and tone your deep core muscles strengthen your abdominal muscles aiding in a healthy pain free spine. Relax and de-stress by practising the renowned restorative Yoga techniques to increase your wellbeing. The Yogalates method supports good posture and is on the referral base from Health practitioners ie. GPs Physiotherapists, Osteopaths. The method draws upon the main Yoga Asana poses and the classic Pilates exercises along with the renowned Yogalates fusion modifications and prescriptive functional exercises.

Yogalates studios and classes are in 30 countries worldwide.

Join us in our International Head Office & studios in the Byron Shire.