Yogalates Teacher Training

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"This training provides the difference between becoming an instructor of Yoga and embodying all that Yoga offers with the skills and knowledge to educate and transform your students."

For the very first time, our practice-transforming, life-evolving, 350+hr training program is now available as a complete ONLINE intensive program (6-12months study).  We continue to offer our Byron Bay face-to-face practicum option.


This is a full spectrum training program designed for those who genuinely seek to evolve beyond an asana practice.  For anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge and understandings of traditional Yoga asana as well as functional movement, core activation, Yoga therapy + special needs.  Encouraging the Yogi to embrace all areas of Yoga in philosophy, physiology + history, yogic lifestyle, Ayurvedic principles, Pranayama + Meditation practices.


Recognised by physiotherapists, chiropractors and exercise physiologists as providing our graduates with a thorough education in core activation, stability and functional movement, breath work and Yoga therapy.  Including injury prevention, rehabilitation, advanced prop usage and modifications.  Upon completing this training you can work with students with a myriad of conditions, injuries and special needs confidently ~ whether that be one-to-one, multi-level group classes or online teaching.  


Our unique 350hr Teacher Training is Yoga Australia Certified - it's so much more than a basic level entry into becoming a Yoga Teacher offering group classes.

Gyan Mudra
"Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns."

Sri Krishnamacharya

200hr  |  350hr - online & face-to-face options

Our Program

We have been delivering this ever-evolving training program since 2001, now the longest running in the Byron Bay Region.  Yogalates was developed by Louise Solomon with over 29 years of experience in fusing core stability into Yoga Asana, considered experts in the field by the Australian Yoga Teachers Association.  This practice, whilst an international award winning DVD series in 2002, is not simply an exercise, nor merely a physical practice.  With a thorough exploration and understanding in breathwork, anatomy and functional movement and an intensive Yoga Philsophy, History & Physiology module and Meditation + Pranayama practices as the back bone ~ it is a course which comes to life for those who participate, on and off the mat!


The Yogalates Teacher Training is life changing and can set you on an incredibly rewarding career path or complement the one that you already have.  Providing the best foundation for your personal practice, for your Yoga and/or Pilates teaching journey.  Yogalates is compatible and can be integrated with many styles of Yoga or Pilates and supports other modalities such as Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Occupational Therapy, and Fitness Instruction.​​

Whether you are the evolving student immersing yourself into Yoga, or a budding teacher stepping up to share its gifts, Yogalates will provide you with the resources and an ongoing support network to continue your journey.


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