Yogalates Philosophy

Yogalates combines the best of Yoga and Pilates resulting in a practice that is safe and accessible for those of us living in modern western society. Yogalates is the brain child of Louise Solomon (see “about the founder”), and has, from its inception, been a constantly evolving method.

The method fuses functional applied anatomy and physiology to holistic stability encompassing all of the musculo skeletal body. The evolution of the method is to broaden the growth of knowledge or our teaching practices to aid the benefits of the individual needs in the practice of posture, movement and breath.

“how can we make our clients more comfortable more functional and more connected with in their minds and bodies in everyday life”  Louise says.

Yogalates embodies Yoga Therapy & the Eight limbs of Yoga laying a solid foundation for safe and ethical working practices.

The philosophy strongly focuses on the needs of the individual placing them at the forefront rather than the performance of the poses.

Yoga poses are complex, whole body movements that feel great, but require an understanding of pelvic and spinal stability to be practised safely. Pilates emphasises pelvic and spinal stability through a series of simple foundation practices.  Those trained in the Yogalates method teach a range of foundation principles to safely support the individual. Then we build the complexity of asana/yoga poses to then challenge clients. Clients are encouraged to choose the layer or foundation of the posture that best suits their needs.

Yogalates supports the health of the human mind body and spirit in a safe working environment.

"As I continue to follow your program the physical, emotional, and spiritual results are nothing less than astounding.  It is as if a black and white world has suddenly been infused with colour! Thank you for developing Yogalates and for the healthful benefits you have brought to my life."
Cheers, Jes Alexander